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Unified Diff: systrace/systrace/

Issue 3018533002: Implementing a Monsoon power monitor trace agent, utilizing the UI infrastructure that the BattOr a…
Patch Set: Updating static methods and fixing test fakes. Created 3 years, 3 months ago
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Index: systrace/systrace/
diff --git a/systrace/systrace/ b/systrace/systrace/
index b3d932475f5761391e81340368f324854a7cff8d..cca4a1c3f2d0b517f23bd2e6db64a188d8bdf066 100644
--- a/systrace/systrace/
+++ b/systrace/systrace/
@@ -15,12 +15,14 @@ from systrace.tracing_agents import atrace_agent
from systrace.tracing_agents import atrace_from_file_agent
from systrace.tracing_agents import atrace_process_dump
from systrace.tracing_agents import battor_trace_agent
+from systrace.tracing_agents import monsoon_agent
from systrace.tracing_agents import ftrace_agent
from systrace.tracing_agents import walt_agent
AGENT_MODULES = [android_process_data_agent, atrace_agent,
atrace_from_file_agent, atrace_process_dump,
- battor_trace_agent, ftrace_agent, walt_agent]
+ battor_trace_agent, ftrace_agent, walt_agent,
+ monsoon_agent]
class SystraceRunner(object):
def __init__(self, script_dir, options):

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