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Unified Diff: systrace/systrace/tracing_agents/

Issue 3018533002: Implementing a Monsoon power monitor trace agent, utilizing the UI infrastructure that the BattOr a…
Patch Set: Updating static methods and fixing test fakes. Created 3 years, 3 months ago
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Index: systrace/systrace/tracing_agents/
diff --git a/systrace/systrace/tracing_agents/ b/systrace/systrace/tracing_agents/
index 859d7795c1ea97d075737816db9824d88eb97e10..b9001a6bd988d7e3a0d2075a977435353568663e 100644
--- a/systrace/systrace/tracing_agents/
+++ b/systrace/systrace/tracing_agents/
@@ -89,3 +89,18 @@ class TracingAgent(object):
Completed trace for this agent.
+ # pylint: disable=no-self-use
Zhen Wang 2017/09/28 01:58:48 Why do we need this pylint disable?
+ def IsConnectionOwner(self):
+ '''Find out of this tracing agent is also a connection owner.
+ Connection owners are handled specifically within the tracing controller, as
+ they may both disable and enable access to the device under test.
+ For example, a power monitoring tracing agent may disable the USB port to
Zhen Wang 2017/09/28 01:58:48 Please name Monsoon explicitly here. There is anot
+ improve power consumption accuracy.
Zhen Wang 2017/09/28 01:58:48 Can you also add that the connection owner will st
+ Returns:
+ Boolean value indicating whether this tracing agent is a connection
+ owner.
+ '''
+ return False

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